How it works

LADIV is a recruitment platform entirely free for candidates.

Anyone can browse the geo-localised job offers – both nearby and worldwide. To apply for positions, simply register an account with your name and email. Job offers stay online for 15 or 30-day periods.

The LADIV Profile

After signing up and confirming your email address, you can begin to craft your candidate profile.
Our robust platform offers a more dynamic means of marketing yourself:

Post videos (maximum 60 sec) to present your personality and ambitions to employers for each role you apply to.
Upload CVs and reference documents directly to your account. Uploaded documents don't go away, allowing you to make effective job applications even from your smartphone.
Apply to a job offer directly, or add it to your favourites list and apply later.
The stop watch on the job ad indicates the time left to apply.
After the closure of a job ad, you can compare the anonymous salary bids submitted by other applicants for the position. This allows you to build your strategy for a potential interview and for future applications.

Crafting an Application

Value your competencies and boost your career!

  • Indicate your 3 key competencies for the specific role
  • Indicate the base salary (excluding bonuses and benefits) that you believe best compensates your role
  • Select the CV and files from the documents section of your profile that you wish to attach
  • Upload an optional video message to your profile for a more persuasive presentation

Candidates should select a salary bid according to their career goals, competencies, affinity with company culture, and expected commute. The desired salary bid has no contractual value, but provides total transparency on the candidate's expectations.

Any salary bid made or accepted at a wage below the legal minimum may result in disqualification from ongoing applications and account suspension.